Our Ethos

We want to make your boat look its best without harming our seas, rivers and oceans in the process.

Ask any boat-owner and they take pride in the look and appearance of their craft. - It doesn't matter if you are a private owner, a charter company or a day charterer, we all want the boats we sail in to look their very best and well maintained.  Sometimes however, to get that appearance, we can indirectly harm our seas, rivers and oceans we sail in by putting harmful chemicals into the very eco-systems we enjoy.​

As boat and yacht owners ourselves we were frustrated by the marine products that were available to use. We were faced with the dilemma of getting a great finish to our craft without compromising the environment. The harm that we were doing to our natural world is obvious - from plastic pollution to sewerage in the seas and chemical pollution. Go to any marina and you can see the evidence yourself.

​We decided to do something about it BUT wanted to solve more than just the products used, we wanted to improve the whole process and that's when the idea for Marine Hygiene started.


Carbon Dioxide, that's the issue - whether its the fact that our ecosystem can't absorb enough of it or whether we produce too much of it.  So we set about looking at every way we can reduce Carbon Dioxide or support it's absorption.  We like a project!!


We looked at the whole process and it took us weeks to look at all the component parts and its taken us a year to get this far.  So we did what all good corporate management manuals tell you to do - BREAK THE PROBLEM DOWN.


The biggest polluter is transport - it pumps out harmful gases continuously. So to reduce the production, reduce the need! So all our product and packaging is home produced - in good "Old Blighty", UK born and bred.

We support UK businesses to support UK boaters.  Of course if we get demand abroad we will have to cross that bridge when we come to it.

Additionally the product in its refill state is small, light and easily transportable - again reducing harmful gases.


The oceans absorb about 25% of all our emitted CO2 (the Ocean Sink). BUT this is being put at risk by the "stuff" we put in the oceans that harm the ability of the ocean and its ecosystem to absorb this. This "stuff" is the chemicals we use, the plastics we throw away and the impact that this has on the biodiversity.

​When we started this project we spent countless hours in supermarkets, boat chandlers, on line, looking at cleaning products. We even visited boatyards and marinas to see what was being used and were told stories of bleach being used with detergent to wash down boats and keep the GRP whiter.  When you start looking at what's being used its quite frightening - why would you put something into the sea or near it that quite clearly states harmful to aquatic life!

So we only use the most environmentally friendly products that won't adversely harm aquatic life.

It's not just the direct pollutants that go into the rivers and seas its the indirect pollutants - sewerage that can be emptied into our seas.

We even looked at how that creates alga blooms that starve the rivers of light and essential nutrients that go to keep our rivers and oceans healthy.

We use tried and tested environmentally friendly products that not only perform well but also keep our rivers and seas healthy. We are driving the sustainable revolution in marine and yacht cleaning and it starts with our products offering performance with sustainability.

​Companies claim that selling in concentrates assist environmental management.  From our years in cleaning we know it doesn't - its human nature to "put a bit more in". 9/10 times the cleaning solution is more concentrated.  We thought about that - our products come in pre-packaged bio-degradable pouches, already dosed and eco friendly reducing the harm that is caused by putting more solutions into the seas and rivers.


We discuss this in detail in our Sustainable Packaging page, but to be clear, its about sustainability, recycling, removing plastic and biodegradable products.

So, what's the ethos of everything we do?  It's simple really...



Help us on this mission - it just makes sense.