How Do Marine Hygiene’s Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Cleaning Products Support Chandleries?

At Marine Hygiene, we understand the urgent need to address the growing issue of plastic pollution and its detrimental impact on aquatic life. As the demand for eco-friendly alternatives continues to rise, chandleries play a crucial role in supporting sustainable practices and reducing our environmental impact.

By offering a range of eco-friendly and sustainable products, Marine Hygiene supports chandleries to not only provide their customers with environmentally responsible cleaning options but also offer high profit margin on sales.

As an example, our Head Maintainer and Tank Digester products have been very successful in several chandleries, with a gross profit of around £12 – £16 per box. A box of 6 Head Maintainers requires shelf space measuring just 17cm x 13cm x 15cm yet could make you £95+ of gross profit (excluding VAT).

Main Reasons To Stock Our Products

Aside from maximising your profit, here are the 6 main reasons why your customers will want to buy our products:

Environmentally Friendly

Our products are designed to provide long-term, sustainable cleaning solutions for your customers. They are 100% chemical-free and eco-friendly, designed specifically for the boating community, ensuring that their marine equipment remains as hygienic as possible, for longer. With no need to replace frequently used chemicals or additives, our products can help reduce the cost of ongoing boat maintenance.

Reducing Harmful Chemicals and Plastics

We aim to reduce harmful chemical usage and minimise single-use plastics, promoting greener practices. Our products are designed to keep your customer’s marine equipment clean and hygienic for longer, with no need to replace them frequently. Our Head Maintainer can last up to 12 months before needing a refill, while our Tank Digester can last up to 4 months – meaning your customers won’t need to buy replacements as often. This longer lifespan helps to reduce the amount of plastic waste ending up in our oceans.

Water-Soluble Packaging

The packaging of our products is designed with sustainability in mind to reduce waste. Our PVA packaging quickly and completely dissolves in water, meaning there’s no need for the disposal of plastic wrappings. This reduces the potential environmental impact of our products, allowing chandleries to confidently stock Marine Hygiene’s cleaning solutions, safe in the knowledge that they are helping to reduce plastic waste.

Ethical Adhesives

We take pride in using vegan, eco-friendly, and recyclable glues in our manufacturing process. Because our glues are 100% plant-based, they are completely safe for marine life.

Shelf Space

Chandleries benefit from offering Marine Hygiene’s eco-friendly and sustainable cleaning products for several reasons. One of these reasons is that our products occupy a small amount of room, meaning you can make the most of your retail space.

Make Your Chandlery Stand Out

In addition to taking up limited retail space, offering Marine Hygiene’s eco-friendly and sustainable cleaning products can help to differentiate your chandlery from its competitors. Consumers are increasingly aware of the environmental impact of their purchases and are demanding more sustainable options. By stocking our products, your chandlery can demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and attract new customers who may not have considered shopping there before.

In conclusion, eco-friendly and sustainable products play a crucial role in supporting chandleries and the boating industry as a whole. By reducing plastic pollution, minimising the use of harmful chemicals, and promoting sustainable alternatives, Marine Hygiene products have a positive impact on the marine environment and aquatic life.